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Facing aging populations, chronic illness and revolutionary — but expensive treatments, healthcare today is driven by technology more than ever. The massive amounts of data and ever expanding treatment options are making it difficult to balance patient care with controlling operational costs. Powered by expertise gained from tens of thousands of client engagements, CSSCA's solutions are the muscle for healthcare and life sciences that improve service responsiveness and patient well-being within optimized costs

  • Hospital Management
  • Laboratory Management
Hospital Management is a comprehensive, integrated information management system designed specifically to manage the medical, administrative, financial and legal aspects of a hospital's operations. The system provides the healthcare staff and administration with broad range of resources, including solutions for electronic medical records, medication administration, specimen collection, patient ID, remote patient monitoring and more, to improve overall hospital operational efficiency and healthcare service


Consulting Service
IT system design in accordance with customer requirements and needs.
As a global trusted partner in IT field, CSSCA consistently delivers solutions and services that are designed and customized to customers’ requirements and comply with the highest industry standards. CSSCA's modern methodology helps organizations create greater value through innovation, continuous improvement and business effectiveness, while also providing such technical services as Solution Implementation Consulting, Security System Design, IT Service Management, etc.
Enablement and Training
Overall technical competency improvement in accordance with implemented solution characteristics
Providing customers with high-end IT solutions, CSSCA always assures customers of prompt and accurate transfer of knowledge and expertise in the pre-sales and after-sales phases to enable customers to become more capable of mastering CCSCA’s advanced systems and solutions. We also take an active role in promoting the newest technologies and the latest industry trends throughout comprehensive training programs including such topics as Information Security, Software Engineering, and other serial trainings on information management systems.
Software Development
Rich experience and quality assurance mechanisms realizing the stability of software products
In modern era one should never underestimate the importance of software and information systems to the society.With its rich experience,CSSCA has developed its own rich portfolio and impowered it by APEXES development platform which helps reduce development time significantly,applies universal standards to all modules,and improves the overall quality.
Implementation and Maintenance
Provision of smooth transition to materialize implemented software value.
As an international technical leading company, CSSCA has successfully delivered over 120 major IT projects for its customers around the world in order to modernize the existing systems or design new solutions. The implementation approach and project management methodology enable CSSCA’s team to provide high-quality services and ensure customers that provided solutions will be deployed timely and meet with agreed requirements.