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Ethiopian trainees come to CSSCA for Database Training

Ethiopian trainees pass the exam of database training on July 1, 2016 after a one-month study. Mr. Qin Junfeng, CEO of CSSCA, awards  the certificate of completion to them.

CSSCA has been long committed to provide professional and in-depth technical guidance and training according to trainee's technological level and development plans. In the database training program, the lectures get a good knowledge of the trainees’ technological level through constant communication with the trainees . In this case, lectures enrich the teaching courses by moderately adjust teaching depth and method as well as add some practical course to satisfy the requirements of trainees. For Ethiopian trainees, this training is a chance to learn the PostgreSQL technology systemically and comprehensively. But in order to develop database independently, they still need to put great efforts to related work.

The training was successfully ended and reached expected results. CSSCA will continue to boost cooperation with Ethiopia and help more to promote Ethiopia to develop database independently.
Group Photo in CSSCA
Photo with Mr. Qin Junfeng

July.12, 2016